Happy Sock Sunday!

Happy first Sock Sunday of October! I’m kicking off my October reads with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. My Octobers are always spent reading creepy books, and this one seemed appropriate given the young, floating girl on the cover.

This YA novel came out a few years ago, and while I’d heard of it I never actually knew what it was about. The film just hit theatres this weekend, and after watching the trailer, I was intrigued. I know Tim Burton directed it, so it must give off some sort of weird, uncomfortable vibe that you only want to feel around Halloween, right? I’m probably not going to watch the film anytime soon, but I have a copy of the book, so here we go.

I might only be one chapter in, but this story is pretty terrifying so far. And by terrifying I mean very uncomfortable. The writing, though, doesn’t give you nearly as many goosebumps as the old photographs. I had no idea that the written content of this story was accompanied by vintage photos, but it is, and that’s what is making it so uncomfortable (so far, anyway). The characters seem to be based off of the images, which makes it even worse. Now, whenever someone is mentioned, I have a black and white image of them seared into my brain. This book might keep me up at night for all the wrong reasons.

I have no idea what this book is going to bring, but I can already tell that it’s going to be a unique reading experience, incredibly visual, and the perfect story to get me settled into a spooky October

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