Novel Editions: The August Box

Another month, another amazing box from Novel Editions! The theme for August was “The Book Lover’s Box” and it included a popular recent release, as well as three practical items any self-proclaimed book lover would want.

It seems like I just received my Book Lover’s Box last yesterday. The box itself is still sitting on my shelf, and I’ve only removed one item so far (and it wasn’t the book!) Part of me refuses to believe that today is September because I didn’t get around to every book on my summer reading list, but then again, who ever does?

However, September means I get to pull out my fall reading list, and I have a feeling that the book that came in the August box will be a great story to kick off the chilly mornings that have already started creeping in.

The Book Lover’s Box featured Fredick Backman’s newest release, Beartown. Beartown is the story of a small, rural community in Sweden (which bears the same name as the book) that places all of its hopes and dreams on its local junior hockey team; they’re competing to represent on the national stage. I personally don’t care about or watch hockey at all, but I was born and raised in a small town that was obsessed with watching people skate around with sticks in their hands, so I can totally understand that aspect of Beartown.

In Backman’s emotional story, the young athletes crack under the pressure that their hometown is placing on them, and a horrible, violent act is committed. This crime–the sexual assault of a young girl–ripples throughout the entire town, and no one is left unaffected. From what I’ve heard, the story focuses less on hockey, and more on how everyone in Beartown copes with what has happened. I think it’s a powerful story to be telling, and parallels many recent, tragic events that have happened to women and girls. I’ve seen nothing but great reviews of Beartown, so I hope that it proves it be as good as everyone is saying.

The Book Lover’s Box also came with three amazing items:

  1. A Jane Austen inspired bookmark from Tag Team Tompkins – I recently read Pride and Prejudice for the first time (I know), so I now have a newfound appreciation for Austen-inspired swag.
  2. Novel Edition sticky notes – These are great because I love taking notes while I read!
  3. A Book Sleeve from Sweet Thymes – I HAVE WANTED A BOOK SLEEVE SINCE I FIRST LEARNED OF THEIR EXISTENCE! This baby has already kept many of my books safe from the snacks I’m always carrying around in my bag. Plus, my Chromebook also fits in it!

All of the items were perfect, and I don’t think I could have curated a better box if I tried.

The August box has already sold out, but September boxes are still available. The theme is “Old Hollywood”–think Great Gatsby and Breakfast at Tiffany’s–and the first round of boxes ship out on Tuesday! Make sure you order by Monday night if you want to get yours early.

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