6 Awesome Gifts for Book Lovers

A holiday gift.

Buying gifts for a bookworm can be difficult. You know the only thing they want is a new book, but you don’t know which one to get them. They’ve already read so many, and their TBR piles are teeming. The fear of getting a bookworm a book they already have is real, so what are you supposed to do?

Step 1: DON’T PANIC!

Step 2: Check out my list of Six Awesome Gifts for Book Lovers.


Bookmarks are a must for any serious bookworm. Why? Because people who dog-ear their pages are monsters. Yeah, I said it. Anyone who truly loves their books will appreciate some new bookmarks.

I love these magnetic bookmarks from BeedooTO. Magnetic bookmarks are awesome because they don’t slip out from between pages. Plus, these ones come in adorable literary themes!

A custom notebook

A custom notebook.

Is your friendly neighbourhood bookworm always complaining about the wonderful pile of books they have at home? Do they have a difficult time remembering what they’ve bought and/or read? Maybe they need a nifty custom notebook from MacLellan Books to keep track of their TBR! This is something that I have started doing, and it’s really helped me stay on top of my reading game.

Or maybe they can’t keep track of their library book’s due dates? Have no fear, because MacLellan Books also sells an awesome daybook*! Help your friends keep track of their hectic lives, and maybe they’ll find some extra time to spareย  to hang out with you, too.

*I may or may not have designed this daybook, and that’s why it’s so awesome.

A book sleeve

I received my first book sleeve a few months ago and haven’t stopped using it since! I’m the type of person that always carries around a book (why wouldn’t you?!) and is constantly worried about it getting ruined in my bag. There are a lot of snacks and various liquids in there that could potentially ruin my book’s beautiful pages! What’s a book lover to do?

Behold: book sleeves! These babies come in all different shapes, sizes and patterns. They fit all kinds of books perfectly, and protect them from whatever else you might be carrying around with you. Plus, they’re great for giving borrowed books that extra care they need to ensure they return to their owner safely.

Five Sprouts Stitching has some beautiful, handmade book sleeves – complete with an extra pocket – that come in two different sizes.

A Novel Editions subscription box

Novel Editions is a Canadian book box subscription that has done nothing but impress me for the past year. Every month I have received amazing books – many being ones I would have never picked for myself, but ended up loving – and countless bookish items either related to the story itself or the month’s overall theme.

A Novel Editions box under a Christmas tree.

December’s theme is “Magic” and the box is absolutely perfect. It would make a wonderful holiday gift for any book lover, especially those who enjoy letting their imaginations run wild.

Sadly, Novel Editions is closing up shop in the new year, so January will be its last box. However, because of this all of the past boxes are on sale for $25, so it’s the perfect time to snag a gift for your friends, as well as yourself!

Punctuation earrings

If your bookworm pal loves grammar and fun accessories, hook them up with some punctuation earrings! I’m in love with these quotation marks from Paper Heart Daily, and these ampersands from bloomyjewelry. Friends, take note, because my birthday is also coming up soon.

Gift cards to their favourite bookshop

Let’s be serious: just because you can’t find a book for them doesn’t mean they can’t. Find me a book lover that doesn’t want to pick out a new book for themselves. I dare you.

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