Review: How to Spot a Sasquatch

How to Spot a Sasquatch

If you’re looking for a quick, light-hearted story to get you in the mood for summer, I’ve got the perfect recommendation for you! Get your hands on a copy of How to Spot by Sasquatch, written by J. Torres, and illustrated by Aurélie Grand.

How to Spot a Sasquatch is about a young camper, Jay, who is determined to prove that Sasquatches are real. While out in the woods, he endures the ridicule of fellow campers to prove that Sasquatches do exist! Why they don’t believe him is beyond me.

Jay came for his trip prepared. He brought snacks to lure in a Sasquatch, and has his camera ready. If he’s lucky and one does come along, he’s ready to snap a photo and prove to the world that he’s right. That is, if he doesn’t keep getting sidetracked in the woods. Will he find out if that footprint was real? You’ll have to read for yourself to find out.

This story is wonderful, and shows how adamant children can be when it comes to achieving their goals. It’s the perfect graphic novel for children, and readers of any age, really, to read in the summer, as it perfectly captures the spirit of a wild summertime adventure. It’s full of friendships, adorable forest critters, and of course, the elusive Sasquatch.

I was really excited to read this story because it reminded me of my younger self. Going camping, I would always be on the lookout for forest-dwelling creatures of all shapes and sizes: rabbits, deer, foxes, Bigfoot, faeries, elves. You know, the normal things every child wants to see. Even now, as a twenty-something, I can’t help but let my imagination run wild while I’m outdoors. I’m convinced that faeries do live in my backyard, and that there is a Sasquatch out there somewhere. Maybe next time I go hiking I should bring more snacks like Jay does.

While How to Spot a Sasquatch is a children’s graphic novel, I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially those who may have young ones at home who enjoy silly bedtime stories.

How to Spot a Sasquatch was published on May 15, 2018, and is currently available to purchase. Thank you to the publisher for a free e-copy of this book via NetGalley.

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