Review: Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth

I’ve been taking some time off from blogging this summer to enjoy, well, summer, but I’m slowly starting to get back into the swing of things! I’ve read my way through a few books over the past couple of months, but the first one I want to take the time to review is one that shook me up in all the wrong ways.

If you’re a close friend, you might know what book I’m talking about: Baby Teeth, by Zoje Stage. For those who keep up with recent releases, you might have heard about this one. It’s caused quite a stir, with people either loving it or giving up halfway through. Now it’s time for me to share my two cents.

I originally requested an ARC of Baby Teeth through NetGalley because I saw that a lot of other people were reading it, and I wanted to be cool, too. This was a lesson in why you shouldn’t always have book envy: just because everyone else is reading a book doesn’t mean that you also have to read that book.

Now, I know that I’m probably not selling you on reading Baby Teeth, but hear me out. This book was not for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone. Let me explain.

The description of this book lead me to believe that it was going to be your run-of-the-mill thriller. Suzette, a young stay-at-at-home-mother, who also happens to suffer from Crohn’s disease, spends all of her time with her daughter, Hanna. She knows what Hanna is truly like, unlike her husband, Alex, who believes their child is an angel. Clearly something is going on with this family, but what? I had to keep reading to find out.

That is, until I found out that the issue isn’t a drinking problem, a mental illness, or an affair (my initial guesses, based on tropes in other thrillers). No, what we have here is a seriously deranged child. Hanna is a weird kid. She refuses to speak, but she understands everything that is happening around her. More than most children her age do. And Hanna doesn’t like everything that goes on. In fact, she goes to extreme lengths to try and get exactly what she wants.

I don’t want to give too much away, but this story is violent, creepy, and downright uncomfortable. I made myself read until the very end, because I am stubborn and don’t like giving up on books. However, the only thing this book did for me was keep me up all night because I was spooked. I can’t say I’ve read anything quite like Baby Teeth before, and I’m not sure if I want to again.

If you’re a fan of creepy stories, uncomfortable mother-daughter relationships, and don’t mind some violence, then check out Baby Teeth. However, if you’re looking for a fun, care-free read, maybe skip this title.

Baby Teeth was published on July 17, 2018. Thank you to the publisher for an electronic copy of this book via NetGalley.

9 thoughts on “Review: Baby Teeth

  1. foxingfae says:

    Thanks for this review! I’ve been wanting to read this one for a little while and I am a big fan of horror and thrillers so I think this one is right up my alley!

  2. The Last Page Turned says:

    Thanks for the review. I saw “everyone” reading it too, and thought that I should *want* to read it. If my TBR was in better shape I might have requested it too. A good reminder about choosing right vs. Choosing popular 😊

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