Review: Not Her Daughter

Not Her Daughter

I had been excited to read Not Her Daughter ever since I started following Rea Frey on Instagram and learned that she was working on a book. Her photos and bookish content were always so inspiring and well-curated. I knew right away that her debut novel would be, too. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Right from the start, you know that this story is going to be full of suspense. The main character, Sarah Walker, has committed what many would consider an unforgivable crime: she’s kidnapped a child.

Why? Because Sarah thinks that she would be a better mother to Emma Townsend. Is she? Well, that’s up to the reader to decide.

Not Her Daughter is told from multiple perspectives, and goes back and forth from past to present. The reader finds out who Sarah is, how her upbringing shaped her into the adult she is today, and exactly why she wants to be a mother to Emma.

On the flip side, readers also get a glimpse into the world of Emma’s mother, Amy Townsend. Some might feel empathy for Amy, while others may feel rage.

The story reads incredibly fast. You’re either getting background knowledge that helps explain the current situation, or you’re racing through pages, eager to find out what will happen to Sarah and Emma and they travel across the country, trying to keep a low profile.

This book is packed full of emotions (more so, I would assume, if the reader is a parent), and raises many questions about motherhood.

What makes a good mother? What lengths would you go to to protect a child? If a crime is committed because of a good, moral intent, does it make it any less of a crime?

I think Not Her Daughter would make an excellent selection for a book club. It’s fast-paced, suspenseful, and will leave readers thinking. When I finished it I immediately wished I had a friend to discuss it with (if anyone wants to, let me know!). The ending doesn’t exactly provide concrete closure, either, which left me shook up.

If you’re looking for an entertaining book to curl up with this fall, I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of Not Her Daughter. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Not Her Daughter was published on August 21, 2018, and is available wherever books are sold. Thank you to the publisher for an electronic copy of this book via NetGalley.

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