Gifts for Book Lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers

It’s getting closer to the most wonderful time of the year! And by that, I don’t mean the holidays. Instead, I am talking about “it’s too cold to go outside so I will stay inside all day and get cozy with a book!” season. Ah yes, for bookworms like myself, winter (in Canada) is perfect for curling up with a good book for hours on end.

For others, though, December brings a whirlwind of holiday parties and get-togethers, where you might be stuck with an introverted book nerd for secret Santa. Have no fear! I am here to help you find the perfect gift for all the readers in your life. I know it can be overwhelming trying to pick out a book for someone who has seemingly read everything, so once again, my gift guide includes no books! However, I will say, you can never go wrong with getting a bibliophile a gift card to a local bookstore.

If you’d rather something more personal, be sure to check out the options below. If you don’t see anything that suits your needs, you can also check out my gift guide from 2017 as well.

A Personalized Library Stamp

What’s a library stamp? I’m glad you asked! It is literally a stamp that someone can put in the front of one of their books to clearly show (with pride), that said book belongs to them. If you type “personalized library stamp” into Etsy you will see what I mean. There are many options to choose from, and giving it a personal flair will make it even better.

Although, I’d check to make sure your bookish pal is alright with stamping the inside of their books. Some prefer them to stay in pristine condition, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Literally Anything from Out of Print

I have a few sweaters and t-shirts with book covers on them, and am constantly being asked where I got them from. Behold, one of my favourite online stores: Out of Print. When I first started shopping here they only had tops, but now there are also socks, enamel pins, mugs, and more! There is something for everyone, and I promise, getting a book nerd some apparel with their favourite cover on it will not disappoint.

Literary Themed Tea

Almost every bookworm I know loves curling up with a cup of tea when they read. It just makes everything extra cozy. While most people will stick with their go-to green and black teas, I promise you, any reader will be over-the-moon if they were gifted a literary-inspired blend. I’ve tried a few teas from FirstEditionTeaCo, and as someone who typically doesn’t drink tea, I hope you believe me when I say these ones are tasty.

Reading Socks

I don’t know why I love reading socks from Chapters so much, but I do. Part of me thinks they are silly—they are just big, warm socks—but another part of me thinks they are so cozy and fun. I’ve been gifted three pairs of these, and the excitement hasn’t worn off yet.

An Ideal Bookshelf Print

The only thing better than a pile of new books is a beautiful picture of books, right? Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the prints from Ideal Bookshelf! One of these prints would make a lovely addition to a home library. Plus, you can make custom orders to show off a reader’s favourite books! They also have mugs and tote bags, too.

Book Themed Candles

Who doesn’t like lighting a candle while they’re hanging out at home? If you don’t have an old-fashioned fireplace, this is the next best thing. And you know what makes it better? Taking in the scent of a book! I always see people on Instagram posting photos of bookish candles, and the jealously is real. After some research, I stumbled across Frostbeard Studio, and they seem to have it all. These soy-based candles have scents from old books to rainy day reads, Sherlock’s study, the Divination classroom, and more!

One of their seasonal scents is “Christmas at the Burrow,” and if you even try to tell me you don’t want to pretend to be celebrating with the Weasley gang, I’m going to call you a liar.

A Book Box Subscription

If you want to give the gift that just keeps giving, consider a book box subscription. I’ve bought quite a few of these over the past few years, and love them so much. Each month, you’re sent a box that contains a book, and typically 2–3 items (or more) that either relate to the specific book, or reading/literature in general. Book boxes are always full of wonderful surprises.

If you’re shopping for a Canadian, I’d check out Sweet Reads Box. They are one of the few Canadian options, and always sell out. I personally haven’t received one, but they always look great.

If you’re shopping for an American, I’d take a look at Shelflove Reads. They focus on YA books, but include items specifically for adults.

One thought on “Gifts for Book Lovers

  1. happyhorrornerd says:

    Love these ideas! I always enjoy reading by candle-light. Especially if it’s a scary book… it adds to the atmosphere 💀

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