Frenzy Presents: Spring 2019

Harper Collins Canada Frenzy Presents Spring 2019

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Harper Collins Canada Frenzy Spring Preview in Toronto! What does that mean? Frenzy, HCC’s YA group, showcased their spring lineup of amazing books!

I’d never been to an event like this before. I was incredibly excited, and very nervous. However, all of my anxiety went away as soon as I stepped into the main building. I was surrounded by fellow book nerds, and everyone was so nice. After making our way upstairs and taking a look around the office’s main entry, we sat down and started talking about everyone’s favourite topic: books.

The HCC Frenzy staff went over 27 books that will debut this spring, and gave a very brief sneak-peek at a handful that are slated for fall as well. After hearing about all of these amazing stories, there were games, giveaways, mingling, and of course, swag bags.

Without further ado, here are some brief descriptions about the ARCs I received, and others that I am adding to my TBR right away!

Books I Received

Last Things, by Jacqueline West

“A dark, magnetic thriller about the cost of talent, and the evil that lurks just out of sight.”

When Last Things was presented it was compared to This Savage Song & Our Dark Duet by V. E. Schwab, so I knew I needed to get my hands on a copy. Last Things follows Anders Thorson, a gifted guitar player, who begins to experience strange events, and Thea Malcom, who may or may not be causing these strange events. Readers should expect some twists and turns with this story. What exactly is going on? We’ll have to read to find out!

Nocturna, by Maya Motayne

“A thief without a face. A prince who was never meant to be king. A magic that will drown the world in darkness. Nocturna is coming . . .”

Umm, YES! Not only does this brief description sound amazing, but it has a strong female lead as well. Plus, it was recommended for fans of Victoria Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic series. As mentioned above, I’m a huge fan of her work, and anything that is compared to this badass style of fantasy is a must-read for me! Nocturna is described as an own voices story, and takes place in a Latinx-inspired fantasy world. Plus, this debt novel is the first in what will be a trilogy.

Ordinary Girls, by Blair Thornburgh

“I suppose I will start on that sunny Saturday in September when I first realized how acutely I wanted to murder my sister . . .”

I’ll admit that when this book was first compared to a Jane Austen novel, I wasn’t too excited. Classics aren’t really my cup of tea, but after learning more about this story, it started to grow on me. It follows two sisters, Plum and Ginny, who annoy each other to no end. However, after drifting apart, they find themselves (maybe) needing the support of one another. At the end of the day, family is family, even if you don’t always get along.

Most Anticipated Books

I was unbelievably excited to have received copies of both Last Things and Nocturna, but there were a few others that I had my eye on as well. Here are some brief descriptions of other books to watch out for in the coming months:

Love & Other Curses, by Michael Thomas Ford

This book has an amazing cover (check it out!), and follows a family with a curse: if they fall in love with someone before they turn 17, that person dies. It reminded me a bit of The Rules of Magic, but better.

The Missing Season, by Gillian French

I think my Twitter summary of this book says it all:

The Missing Season tweet

Hello Girls, by Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry

This book is about two teenage girls who are fed up with the controlling men in their life. After getting their hands on a car and a stash of cash, they take off on their own adventure. YAS!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all of these amazing books, and more! Full descriptions can be found on the Harper Collins website. Thank you so much to Harper Collins and HCC Frenzy for inviting me out to this event. It was a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to start reading!

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