Review: Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

I recently finished Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell and O!M!G!😲 This booooook! I knew it’d be good, because everything she writes is amazing. I also remember Lisa telling me about it last year when I interview her at KPL, and have been looking forward to it ever since🙌

Before we get too far into this review, I’ll mention there are quite a few trigger/content warnings: sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, and self harm.

Invisible Girl follows many different characters. We have the Four family: Cate and her husband Roan (a child psychologist), and their two children. Across the street lives Owen, a college instructor recently laid off due to allegations of sexual misconduct. And finally, Saffyre, a missing girl, and former patient of Roan. Yes, it’s a lot of characters and can be difficult to keep track of at times, but they all come together in a way that only Lisa Jewell can pull off!

In their small neighborhood, there have been multiple reports of sexual assaults. Cate is starting to question why they moved there, but Roan doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s worried about their children, and gets even more upset when she finds out their neighbor, Owen, has been arrested. Was he the one attacking women?

And to make matters worse, she thinks her husband is having an affair. When a Valentine’s Day card shows up for him, she gets even more suspicious, and thinks the impossible: everything that’s been happening somehow leads back to him and his former patient, Saffyre.

The book explores themes of sexual assault and incels in a way I’ve never seen done before in a fictional story. It’s a lot to read, and is difficult at times, but I thought it was handled well.

There are so many twists and turns, and the ending will leave you SCREAMING😱 If you’ve read this one already, please let me know so we can discuss.

Thank you so much Simon & Schuster Canada for a digital copy of this book via NetGalley. Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell is out now, and can be purchased wherever books are sold.

If you’ve already read this book, or want more like it, check out my reviews for two other Lisa Jewell books here: The Family Upstairs and Watching You.

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