Review: Jingle Lady

Jingle Lady by Melissa Williams

Christmas erotica? Sure, why the hell not?? When I saw the cover for JINGLE LADY I knew I had to read it🤣 and so many of my friends were excited to hear my thoughts, so here they are!

I actually . . . Genuinely enjoyed this novella? It was CUTE and WHOLESOME and had some pretty spicy scenes😏 The only thing I didn’t like were the pet names, because I find those annoying in general, but otherwise this story was so festive and fun!

It follows Libby, a hilarious, seemingly innocent woman who LOVES Christmas. She’s practicing for her jingle ensemble concert while trying to dry out mint leaves to make homemade tea, when her smoke detector goes off and firefighters show up at her door👨‍🚒🚒 Of course, Brendan, a real hunk of a man, falls instantly in love with her and invites himself over later that night. He brings PIZZA (with pineapple)🍕, so ya, even I fell in love with him.

This story has so many things I typically don’t enjoy—love at first sight and Christmas cheer? Yuck🤢—but this year has been so fucking depressing, and this story made my heart grow five times its size.

I’m sorry I don’t have any hilarious commentary on this one, friends. I gave it 4/5 jingle bells🔔 and already purchased the second in the series!

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