Review: Please Love Me At My Worst

Please Love Me At My Worst by Michaela Angemeer

Why is it the books you absolutely love are always the hardest ones to write reviews for? I was so excited to see Michaela Angemeer had a new book coming out, and screamed when I got a digital ARC. Her You’ll Come Back To Yourself Journal has helped me so much over the past few months, and I knew whatever she wrote next would also be incredible.

Don’t let this tiny poetry collection fool you. I thought I’d be able to read Please Love Me At My Worst in one sitting, but it ended up being five or six. There were MULTIPLE poems that had me in tears, and I needed to take a break to feel my feelings, as my therapist would say.

It honestly felt like some poems were written specifically for me–like someone reached out to my inner child and told her exactly what she needed to hear.

This collection is the biggest, warmest hug for anyone who has ever felt alone, not good enough, not worthy of love, and/or confused about who they truly are. It takes all those feelings and reminds you that you absolutely are enough, and you’re strong enough to be your truest self.

Whether you’re a fan of her previous work, or new to poetry, check out this collection. It’s straight and to the point, and full of raw, honest emotions. I’ve already pre-ordered a finished copy and am so excited to reread it and make notes for myself.

Thank you so much to the publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing for a digital ARC via NetGalley. Please Love Me At My Worst by Michaela Angemeer comes out on October 12, and can be pre-ordered wherever books are sold.

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