Books With Friends: American War

Books with Friends

My friend and fellow book-clubber, Jenny, loved American War so much she wanted to keep talking about it even after our book club discussed it! This novel, which was recently short-listed for Canada Reads, is amazing. It’s the only book I’ve read in my book club that I’ve rated as 5-stars. It’s beautiful and heart-wrenching, and if you haven’t read it yet you should go pick up a copy right now.

Don’t believe me? Then take a look at what Jenny had to say about it!

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Books With Friends: Not Yet: A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying

My pal Chelsea took some time out of her hectic schedule for the latest edition of Books With Friends! Earlier this year we went to a used book sale together, and both filled up boxes with stories to take home. It was awesome. One of the books I got was Not Yet: A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying, by Wayson Choy. Chelsea actually put it in my pile for me, and told me I had to read it. I haven’t yet, but it is high on my TBR pile! In the meantime, I wanted to chat with Chelsea about why she adores this memoir so much.

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