Browsing a book shelf

Hello fellow book lover! Thank you for stumbling upon my virtual book nook.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve told people that my dream job would be getting paid to read amazing books. While I haven’t found that job (yet), I spend a lot of time outside of my 9-5 reading lots of amazing books, and talking about them with my friends.

So, I decided it was about time that I took my passion for literature, combined it with the skills I’ve gained throughout my career in digital marketing, and create a book blog.

Literary Lizard combines a bunch of things I love: reading, curating stories, writing, and digital media. I’ll be sharing some of my most recent bookcapdes (escapades via books), giving honest reviews, talking about new and used independent bookstores that I’ve explored, and offering up any and all thoughts regarding the world of books in general.

I hope you find whatever you’re looking for, as well as a stack of new books to add to your TBR.

Happy reading!

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