Review: Felix Ever After

Felix Ever After

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender has been on my shelves since I heard the author speak at a virtual Harper Collins Canada event last year, and when I saw Read With Angie was doing a readalong for it in February, I knew it was time to pick it up. Y’all, my heart was NOT READY!

The story follows a teenage boy, Felix, who is spending the summer attending art school with his best friend, and getting ready for college applications. But someone hacks into his Instagram and finds old photos of him, and puts up a “gallery” dead naming him. Then he starts getting harassed, made fun of for being trans, and deals with it all on top of other personal issues. Felix’s character is so strong, and I was so happy seeing his personal growth throughout the book.

He also finds love, new friends, and a whole community of support. It’s not easy, but Felix is able to find himself and love himself by the end of the book. If you’re looking for a diverse, contemporary #OwnVoices YA story that deals with LGBTQ+ themes, I highly recommend this title.

Content/trigger warnings for trans folk who may be interested in reading Felix Ever After: there are HP references throughout the book.

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